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Welcome to ClanVPP

VPP won't be hosting Insurgency anymore

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So the Insurgency dev decided to ban all of our servers because we have ads. 5:33 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: was there an update on tuesday? because my server provider did an automatic update and my servers seems dead 5:33 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: ever since 5:34 PM - Arc: no update on steam branch 5:34 PM - Arc: as far as i know some (or all) VPP servers are blacklisted 5:34 PM - Arc: from mm 5:35 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: blacklisted by players? 5:35 PM - Arc: by us 5:35 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: how can i get off the black list? 5:35 PM - Arc: Ads 5:36 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: i wasn't getting any donations to offset the server cost and the ads helps pay for the server 5:36 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: guess being blacklisted I cant afford the server anymore 5:36 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: I'm sorry 5:37 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: i would think if the players didnt like it they will find another server and some people dont care so they stay 5:37 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: because server was full non stop until tuesday 5:38 PM - Arc: Either remove ads or have the servers blacklisted, that¨s all i can say to this matter 5:38 PM - Arc: or 5:38 PM - Arc: create custom playlist 5:39 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: thanks 5:41 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: could you remove us from the blacklist when i create the custom playlist? 5:42 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: or the blacklist wouldnt matter on the custom playlist 5:42 PM - Arc: if i'm not mistaken, the blacklist is only for NWI playlists 5:43 PM - VPPGamingNetwork@WORK: thank you , I hope you guys change your mind sometimes later on, seems like im the only one being punish

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LOL Insurgency devs/executive producers are either dumb and just got butthurt on not collecting a few bucks. [b:piwleiz8]How this is bad for them:[/b:piwleiz8] 1. They need servers operating to promote their game. VPP had like ~3-5 top10 servers (if im not wrong). Looking at game tracker not many players moved to other servers. In fact, one server only grew popularity but like... 12/24 concurrent slots where VPP total was like 120/150 concurrent slots. 2. Future server owners will not host the game because it fucking COSTS money to host the servers. The ads was to make this doable and keep your game out there. This means server owners wont host the server because MONEY DOESNT GROW ON TREES. 3. Player base (as a whole) decreasing in the game. ARE YOU GUYS RETARTED OR WHAT? YOU'RE A SMALL GAME AND YOU NEED HELP PROMOTING IT. HELLO?

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