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[b:381yqz0j][size=150:381yqz0j][color=#BF4000:381yqz0j]Peek-a-boo![/color:381yqz0j][/size:381yqz0j][/b:381yqz0j] VPP is back with goodies just in time for your Halloween! This Harrowing, we'll be promoting our [color=#FF8000:381yqz0j][b:381yqz0j][u:381yqz0j]amazing 128 tick server in California[/u:381yqz0j][/b:381yqz0j][/color:381yqz0j]...and of course, what kind of Halloween promotion doesn't give treats right? Well this time, we'll be giving away a huge bundle with: [center:381yqz0j][b:381yqz0j][size=140:381yqz0j][color=#FF0000:381yqz0j]$15 USD! You get it in Paypal, Amazon, or whatever else denominations you'd like![/color:381yqz0j][/size:381yqz0j][/b:381yqz0j] [img:381yqz0j]http://img.news.sina.com/entertainment/p/2012/0606/U50P5029T2D473922F24DT20120606181007.jpg[/img:381yqz0j][/center:381yqz0j] You might even be able to snag a lady when you make it rain this year. [center:381yqz0j][color=#FF0000:381yqz0j][size=140:381yqz0j][b:381yqz0j]Reserved Slot...for all our servers for 3 months! It'll be good until next year![/b:381yqz0j][/size:381yqz0j][/color:381yqz0j] [img:381yqz0j]http://survivaltime.weebly.com/uploads/1/0/8/9/10892807/2809915_orig.png[/img:381yqz0j][/center:381yqz0j] Don't like this? You don't have to put up with this! You don't have to rage! And...this is no trick...VPP only gives treats here... [center:381yqz0j][b:381yqz0j][size=140:381yqz0j][color=#FF0000:381yqz0j]Thor's BanHammer - chance to gain Admin powers! Hit those hackers with a banhammer (hackers only remember)![/color:381yqz0j][/size:381yqz0j][/b:381yqz0j] [img:381yqz0j]http://ak-hdl.buzzfed.com/static/2014-10/29/1/enhanced/webdr01/anigif_enhanced-30283-1414562299-6.gif[/img:381yqz0j][/center:381yqz0j] Look at those filthy cheating plebs try to lift that banhammer! Who gets all of these treats? [color=#FF8000:381yqz0j]Just [b:381yqz0j]ONE [/b:381yqz0j]person. [/color:381yqz0j][color=#FF8000:381yqz0j]A [b:381yqz0j]BIG[/b:381yqz0j] treat. [/color:381yqz0j]This time this huge combo prize is going to the [color=#FF0000:381yqz0j][i:381yqz0j]person with the most play time in the California server![/i:381yqz0j][/color:381yqz0j] Oh but we can't forget about the rest of the server right? The people who might be less active? It's Halloween, but don't be afraid! We're adding ONE more prize to[color=#FF0000:381yqz0j][i:381yqz0j] the person with the most KNIFE kills![/i:381yqz0j][/color:381yqz0j] [center:381yqz0j][b:381yqz0j][size=140:381yqz0j][color=#FF0000:381yqz0j]$10 USD![/color:381yqz0j][/size:381yqz0j][/b:381yqz0j] [img:381yqz0j]https://nowthatsthespot.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/dollabills.gif[/img:381yqz0j][/center:381yqz0j] [color=#FF8000:381yqz0j][b:381yqz0j][u:381yqz0j]This contest will last until the end of November[/u:381yqz0j][/b:381yqz0j][/color:381yqz0j]! Not interested in baking a turkey? Grandma's got your back on the cranberry sauce? Then go get some Thanksgiving chickens on Inferno! Don't stop fragging, because VPP loves to see when you're having fun! :twisted: Get going young Padawan! :twisted:

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