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Hey everyone! Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. As always, we're very grateful for each and every one of you for playing on our servers! So in the usual VPP fashion, we're going to do a[color=#FF0000:2lq42uvn][b:2lq42uvn] Dallas Pub contest[/b:2lq42uvn][/color:2lq42uvn]! This Thanksgiving, the[color=#FF0000:2lq42uvn] person with the most knife kills[/color:2lq42uvn] gets... [b:2lq42uvn][color=#FF8000:2lq42uvn][size=150:2lq42uvn]$50 Gift Card to Walmart![/size:2lq42uvn][/color:2lq42uvn][/b:2lq42uvn] [img:2lq42uvn]http://i0.wp.com/walmartwall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/safe_image.jpg?resize=470%2C246[/img:2lq42uvn] Yeah! Go HAM on that booty! I meant those bargain deals...you pervert. Work that refresh button! You'll need all the luck you can get! But...there is one part where you won't need luck! And that's getting a reward for playing on our servers! We're thankful for that you choose to play with us on our servers. VPP would like to wish everyone here a lovely Thanksgiving, spent with family and friends - because that's what you all are to us. Seriously. So go out there and carve some terrorists, I mean...turkeys. The event ends 3 days before Thanksgiving. That means it [color=#FF0000:2lq42uvn][b:2lq42uvn]ends on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 [/b:2lq42uvn][/color:2lq42uvn]! Don't hold back and give everyone else a love tap from the back with your knife on your favorite server! With lots of love, VPP

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