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Moving Into 2016

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Hello Community,


2015 has been a rather eventful year for us we started our Tournaments for major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving and I am excited to announce in 2016 VPP will host more for major Holidays as our past ones have turned out to be a lot of fun and players and the community got involved after it was suggested a while back by a member I thought no one would be interested but it turned out to be a success which is great news and the prize fund wouldn't of been that high if it were not for our donator's who kindly but their own money into the fund, We love you guys! 

VPP Gaming Network

Toan finally launched his Advertising company to make all those gaming community's stay alive as they make a huge impact on games today without them we would just seen PC multiplayer the same as console no big community and rather than official servers only. I hope that Toan's company continues to grow and expand and become a huge success

We tried to expand

VPP did try to expand to other games this year such as DayZ, Team Fortress 2 and Insurgency. DayZ was slow but there would e the one off days where we had nearly a full server but we relised that there is little we could do to make our server unique from all the other servers that are basically the same. Insurgency was doing great until the developers were total assholes about our Ad plugin and blacklisted all our servers. Each server UK, Dallas and Cali were all full most of the day if it were not for the devs we would have had a popular Insurgency community if we could of let it be full for a few months and get regulars and try to make it big like our CSGO.

Admin Abusers - Got rid of them!

I hate to put a negative side of the year but it turns into a positive, We had a number of admins on UK server mainly when it was big and on our US servers abusing their power but I can finally say there will be no more admin abuse as our current admins we have on our team me and Toan can trust them and we can say they are very unlikely to abuse their power. It has been a while since we have had our last incident with admin abuse. So I am gladly to say to the community you should not experience admin abuse any time soon or none at all in 2016.

CSGO Community Death Patch

We sadly lost alot of our player base from Cali, Canada and UK after a certain CSGO patch destroyed alot of community servers but most have migrated to our Dallas server and no matter what Valve will do to Dallas, Our Dallas server will always be how it is as we have many players who are dedicated to VPP so from me to everyone who has stayed with VPP I thank you so much for keeping VPP alive! There are many other highlights of VPP 2015 but it will turn this topic into a book and you know we by now I like to write alot and get carried away so I'm going to leave it there for now unless there is something that needs to be mentioned in our 2015 round up.

VPP In 2016

 Now for the most important part of this topic is VPP goals moving into 2016. We are going to make sure all players no matter what skill level they are feel that they can relax on our servers and not be abused in anyway just because they are less skilled than other players. There has been a incident this year where one of our players was verbally abused and that made me think we need to protect all our players from people who wish to make others feel bad because of their skill. So I'm asking the community to please fight this problem and lookout for each you may not know the everyone in the server but don't just sit their and let them get attack on our servers. As already mentioned VPP will continue to bring its holiday tournaments to the community and will remain open for any of our players who want to team up and win a cash prize to share. I'm sure we may add things to make them more fun or more challenging in the future and we will work on the timing for the matches in the future. I will add more goals if anyone has any suggestions or if the CEO himself wishes to add anything to VPP goals for 2016. Also Happy New Year to all our admins and players of VPP we will continue to keep this community alive and feel like a family as that what we are we are not just a gaming community we are family! I wish that you will stay with VPP in 2016 and that you all have a safe and wonderful 2016.

Happy New Year!!!


Liam Benfield

VPP Community Manager

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