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Hi, If you need a small training server or small server for Counter Strike for a small group of friends we have a great price and offer for our Counter Strike servers! [b:2tl3z6u5]For 12 slots:[/b:2tl3z6u5] [u:2tl3z6u5]Basic Server:[/u:2tl3z6u5] Basic DDoS protection Tickrate: 64 [Location] Shared IP CPU Priority: None Server Backups: Monthly (Free!) First Payment: $1.80 Standard Price $9.00 (Monthly) [u:2tl3z6u5]High End Server:[/u:2tl3z6u5] 20Gbps / 4Mpps DDoS Protection [Location] Tickrate: 128 Dedicated IP Server Backups: (Multiple Paid Options) First Payment: $14.00 Standard Payment: $70.00 (Monthly) (With Monthly Server Backups) With 64 Tickrate: First Payment: $12.80 Standard Payment: $64.00 Note: There is a issue with 128 tick so 64 maybe the best option for the time being Any questions or enquires either message me on Steam (Link in my signature) message me on the forums or contact our support desk support[AT]swiftnode.net You can also talk with me on VPP teamspeak about any of Swiftnode's services. I'm normally online from 0:00 - Mid Afternoon Dallas time. -------- Liam Benfield Swiftnode Technician
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