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Admin Applications

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We are currently looking for admins that will help us to get the server going and to administrate our servers.



  • Active on server(s) + Forums
  • Over 20 hours of Server Time (Check here for your time)
  • 18 years or older
  • Dedicated
  • Follow admin and server rules
  • You must not hold a Admin Postion or similar role with another Gaming Community


Skills and Qualities:

  • Able to keep a professional manner when dealing with a incident
  • Able to provide a fair judgement to all players
  • Mature
  • Able to multi task
  • Good memory
  • Able to remain calm
  • Reliable


Admin Rules:

  • Don't use your status to look like your the most important
  • Do not threaten players with your power
  • Don't abuse the admin commands *Use the warn, kick, ban policy unless its a hacker
  • Don't protect your friends, if they are breaking the server rules you must act accordingly and professionally
  • Follow the server rules, admin doesn't make you immune to server rules


Application Format:

Create a new topic with the title <Your Name>

  • Your Name:
  • Age:
  • Steam ID:
  • Server applying for:
  • Do you have admin experience?
  • Do you have any skills or knowledge that will help you with the role? (Relating to the Skills and Qualities is a bonus)
  • Why do you wish to become a Server Administrator?
  • Do you currently hold a Administrator Postion or similar with another Community? 
  • How will you draw people to our server?

I,"Your Name", agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences"

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