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reservation slots

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This server needs to change their reservation slot policy. it's like you cant even play on the server anymore unless you donate money. It's really frustrating to get kicked after every 5 mins that you are on the server. I'm not saying that the donators shouldn't get a reservation slot, but what i'm saying is that there should be a limited amount of reserved slots. It's not fair to just kick every non-donators to let every donators play.
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im going to guess he is talking about dallas... and if that is the case why would people still donate to the server to keep it up and running in good shape if they wont be able to log into with with a reserve slot? that will get less people to donate and in turn kill the server since it cost money to operate and keep going. just my 0.02 as im not the owner of the server. but personally i disagree with any type of limitation to people that donate to have reserve slots.
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