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shibbyyyy    12
  • Nickname: shibbyyyy STEAM_0:1:14189444
  • Playing CS since: 2001 CS 1.5
  • Which server do you play on the most? Dallas
  • Ever had an admin function before? not on csgo
  • Why do you think you deserve admin? Because I police the server even without being an admin, starting to feel guilty about bringing admins in while they busy
  • When will you be active (the most)? Really late hours daily
  • How will you draw people in our server? I kinda have a sense of humor that makes people love me on the server

I shibbyyyy, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences




Moderation Notes:

  • Application Accepted
  • Awaiting Test results
  • Passed Test
  • Accepted

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VPP_Liam    1,056

Hi Shibbyyy,

You meet our requirements for admin.

You should be able to see the Admin Private section. Read the guides that are located there and once you are ready please reply to this application and we will begin your test.

If you have any questions PM or add me on Steam here


Kind Regards,

Liam Benfield

VPP Manager


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VPP_Liam    1,056

Please complete the test here 

Once you have completed the test please reply back here and we will let you know of your result as soon as possible.

Note: Please only take ONE test

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VPP_Liam    1,056

I am pleased to confirm you have Passed the test and are approved for Admin duty. Toan should be able to setup your admin on Dallas when he is back from Work.

If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the Management team or any of our current admins.

Welcome aboard!

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