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denied FriendlyMushroom

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  • Nickname: Gondolf STEAM_0:0:80586034
  • Age: 20
  • Playing CS since: CS 1.6 was my first FPS. I've been playing CS:GO since January 2014, and VPP was one of the first community servers I have played in.
  • Which server do you play on the most?: Dallas 28-Man
  • Ever had an admin function before?:  No
  • Why do you think you deserve admin?: I understand that being an admin carries important responsibilities and I would use it for the benefit of the server and community, not myself.
  • When will you be active (the most)?: Mostly during the night, most days of the week
  • How will you draw people in our server?: I will maintain a competitive and friendly environment that is clean of griefers and cheaters, so that people new to the server can easily find reasons to come back.

I, FriendlyMushroom, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences



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Thank you for applying for admin!

This is a confirmation we have read your application and now is under consideration.

We will let you know what decision we make if you are to go forward and attempt the admin test.

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Due to warnings on your forum account and previous comments towards members of our Team your application for admin has been DENIED

You are still welcome to play on our servers as normal.

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