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Yoooooo guys whats up! I'm the #1 rank on the LA server for Insurgency and I just wanted to drop in on the forums and say whats up. Honestly idk how I'm #1 but I'm enjoying it haha. So yeah, just wanted to drop by and talk to you guys on the forums, see whats up.


P.S. it would be really cool if we could get tournaments going for the insurgency servers too. We could do clan tournaments or something. I saw the CSGO ones and it looks fun as hell. Ok yeah thats it. 

Cya y'all.

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Yo what's up! Glad to have you here bro. The insurgency servers were down for a WHILE because of issues with devs and only recently came back up so little by little some dudes from those servers are coming on the forums here. Most of us that are active on the forums mainly play CS GO  but we still love seeing the insurgency servers alive and well off. You can also try applying for admin if you like the servers so much ;). We're always welcome to admins on our insurgency servers.

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Hey Elden!

I personally thank you for you help getting rid of trouble makers, since we are low on Admins for Insurgency we are relying on Players to come forward and submit reports either on our Forums or on SourceBans and your one of them who has step forward and reported trouble makers on our servers and thanks to you we managed to get rid of a few of them! 

You can message me anytime of the day if you need any assistance in the server or want to get rid of a trouble maker.

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