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accepted <Elden>

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Hello everybody, since nobody else is applying for admin I guess I might as well be one of the first.

  • My name in real life is actually Elden, the same as my steam name. (Yes I know, very creative.)
  • Age: 19
  • Steam ID: [SG] Elden  STEAM_0:0:55766831
  • Server applying for: LA Insurgency
  • My admin experience is limited to a couple of small reddit communities, but I'd say I can handle it pretty well.
  • The way I'll draw people to our server is just by having a good experience and being friendly. For example, just answer questions in the chat or help out newbies so they make our server their home server. 

I, Elden, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences"

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Hi Elden,

Nice to see a application from you, you have been a good help in fighting crime on our server!

I can see you have posted an "About you" topic in the introductions page which is nice and I have seen you visit the forums a lot. I will speak with our Founder and get some feedback from him. This means your application has been acknowledged and is being taken into consideration today. You should here back from me later on in the day.

I have added your SteamID for reference. 


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