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Hello, I pretty much exclusively play in the VPP L.A./NYC/Texas Insurgency server and noticed a severe lacking of admins - lots of racism, a few of cheaters, and many spawn campers  (even post update). So I figured that I would introduce myself and hopefully can help to remove some of those individuals from the server, either as an admin or by just reporting them. 

Anyways, thanks for hosting the great servers. 99% of the time they are fantastic. That remaining 1% is what I intend to work on. 


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Welcome to the Community Forums!

As admin staff stands so far for our Insurgency server we currently have one admin (Elden) who you probably seen around on LA and currently is ranked #1 on the server. We are in desperate need for more admins and players who play on multiple Insurgency servers to help keep the servers a friendly enviromment for all our Insurgency players no matter which server they play on.


As mentioned, feel free to apply for admin if you are interested in helping enforce the rules of the server and keep the peace in the Apply For Admin section in the Insurgency forums.

Once you have submitted your Application, as standard procedure, checks will be made into your player and once everything checks out you will be given your Admin Rank on the forums so you can read the guides pinned in there and you will be given your admin permissions for the servers you list in your application so just make sure all the servers you wish to be admin for are listed in that application.

I will then invite you to add me on steam so I can add you to my Insurgency admin group on my friend list so I can be easily reached if you need any aisstance or have any concerns before taking action against a player.


Have fun playing on our servers!


Kind Regards,

Liam Benfield

Community Manager

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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. 


Liam, I have seen Elden around a lot, along with the rest of the [SG] clan. They are a very good bunch of players and find myself always playing on the opposite team to make it a challenging match. As a result, I've been killed by them many, many times (and have returned the favor equally). Good stuff. I saw his application and I am glad that he decided to help out with the server. 


I'll go ahead and submit an application for admin.

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