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accepted Luffy

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  • Your Name: Ralph
  • Age: 19
  • Steam ID:
    • [SG] Luffy STEAM_0:1:147512977
  • Server applying for:
    • LA Insurgency
  • Do you have admin experience?
    • I am an admin of several Facebook groups with 1k+ members.
  • How will you draw people to our server?
    • I always play on the server, in fact, I have 3d 21:12h play time in the LA server because I really enjoy playing with the great community. Every time I play, I always try to have a fun and enjoyable playing environment, so other players can also enjoy the game/server while playing with me.

      I,Ralph/Luffy, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences"
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Thanks for applying for admin!

This message is to confirm we have read your application and is being reviewed.

You should expect a reply today.


Kind Regards,

Liam Benfield

Community Manager

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I'm please to announce you have been accepted!


You will have access to the following servers:

  • Insurgency LA

if you wish to administrate more servers please post a request in the admin forum. 


Please read all the admin guides pinned and starred in the Admin Forum named "Admin Guide #:" This will help you understand the admin commands in Sourcemod and when to use each command.

I have already added you on Steam, message me if you need assistance. Feel free to ask the other Insurgency admins if you need any help from them.

Your admin permissions on the server may take longer to apply than usual I'm currently packing as I'm moving back in with my parents due to reason events with my relationship. I will make sure it is done today.

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