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CS:GO Gambling

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As some of you are aware of there are sites out there that allow players to bet real money to obtain weapon skins using the Steam Open API.

This is a violation for Steam Open API terms and conditions.

Valve has released a statement confirming CS:GO Gambling websites are a violation and have been requested by Valve to disconnect the Steam API from their websites, the main way these Gambling websites operate and allow players to receive skins via access to their accounts inventory.

Any player advertising these websites that break Steams terms and conditions will given a warning for advertising Steam violations and putting player steam accounts at risk.

Many of these sites have found to be scams and being able to obtain player information as they use the Steam API to access player accounts and exploit that API. Spam posts are constantly being posted on Steam Community groups including ours to obtain free skins with a promo code to enter. DO NOT click any of those links or enter the code.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding CSGO Gambing please contact Steam Support or leave me a message and I will forward your inquiry to Valve for you.

Please becareful what you sign up for and which sites you allow the Steam API to read your profile and stream that information to that website.


Kind Regards,

Liam Benfield

Community Manager

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