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VPP NYC and Texas Servers

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A few things I've noticed on NYC and Texas Servers:

1. The map rotations are very different than the L.A. server, and not in a good way. There are a lot of "junky" maps like Peak Skirmish Night or something. On the flipside, I think NYC is missing Tell, which is usually in the "standard" rotation.

2. L.A. has a team switch halfway through the game, while NYC and Texas does not. Many people have voiced their opinion against this while I have been on the server.

3. The servers should have a "no tie" rule, where it will have a tiebreaker round if the game ends up as 2-2.

What I recommend be implemented: 

1. Unify the map selection and rotation across all servers

2. Disable "tie" on all servers

3. Enable team switch on all servers

Thanks for hearing me out.

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Thanks for the feedback!

On L.A. night maps were added as requested by some players from feeback from Luffy and Elden such as dry canal.

I can remove maps that are less played by reading the data from GameMe so more popular maps are an option on the voting menu on all servers.

I can see what I can do by adding an extra decider round if it does come to a tie in normal time.

Team switch on every two rounds has been rolled out on the L.A. server and Texas server and has been a success.

I will roll out a update today on all servers covering those areas which I agree on. A changelog will be posted along with this server update.



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I have updated all the Insurgency servers to focus on the current issues you have listed in this suggestion topic. You can find the changelog here

You can also now view the current map list on each individual server here

I hope these changes have resolved the issues. if not please let me know on Steam or reply to this topic.

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I just tried the Texas server and still no team switch after the 2nd round, maybe it's possible to just copy the config of LA server to TX and NYC.

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I think I edited the wrong config file lol, I put it in the server config and not the gamemode config. I will try that.

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