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Server Maintenance - July 14th [INSURGENCY]

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There will be a maintenance window during the night for all Insurgency servers once they become empty so changes can be made as certain server files cannot be edited while the server is running.

The windows for each timezone follows:

subject to change once each server goes empty for the night

L.A Insurgency: COMPLETED


Texas Insurgency: COMPLETED


This maintenance window will allow mapcycle's to be altered to what are the most played maps so when the voting screen only has popular maps as the options on a random selection cycle. This will also allow Team Switching every 2 rounds on all servers as seen on Texas and L.A. servers which will become a server wide feature to our Insurgency servers. Game ties will no longer happen an additional decider round will take place to determine the winner of the game.

If I fail to complete this new update during the given Maintenance Windows, there will be another window that will take place at the time times listed above tomorrow. 

A change log will follow after the Maintenance has been completed. 

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