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Guest ^FacE

VPP CSGO Winter Tourney?

VPP CSGO Winter Tourney?  

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  1. 1. [CLOSED] Should we have another CSGO Tourney in the Winter?

    • Yes, its a great idea, and I would like to participat. SIGN ME UP
    • Yes, its a great idea, but i may not be able to participate
    • No. Period.
    • I don't really care about csgo / No opinion, BUT HEY, A FREE POST

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Guest ^FacE

Winter is coming....

Should VPP host another CSGO tourney time framed around Winter time

Different registration rules, less strict, but possibly more teams/players involved


Of course prize money would be donation based as well. But with the added possible players/teams, it may not only be the 1st and 2nd team that wins prize money (Or if Mr.VPP himself would grant a limited time reserver slot to the servers as an alternative)

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