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Insurgency Admin Process [19/SEPT/16]

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We have having a big interest in people wanting to join our Insurgency Admin Team which is brilliant since we host the most popular US servers that attract many people in and outside of the US.

From now on new Applicants must complete the online admin test with 90% or above pass rate. THIS TEST CAN ONLY BE COMPLETED ONCE AND ALL TESTS ARE LOGGED.

For new Admins within the past Month they will undergo an assessment at the end of the month to make sure how they are Administrating the server and to see if they are given the right punishments out since we have a complex punishment system to give all Players a fair chance.


New Admin Process

  • Submit your Application
  • Have your Application reviewed by a member of Management
  • Checks will be made to your Chat log, Any Kicks, Complaints, Bans on your Player Record with us
  • Have the current Insurgency Team vouch for you and agree you would make a good admin
  • If all of the above checks out then you will be given Temporary access to read the Admin Guidelines in the Admin Forum
  • Complete the the Admin Test
  • Test results reviewed by a member of Management
  • If your results are equal to a Pass you have passed the Admin Test
  • You will be given Admin Access to all the Insurgency Servers if you pass all of the above


Kind Regards,

Liam Benfield

Community Manager

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