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[Changelog] [NYC 5v5] 11th October

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The following changes have been made on NYC 5v5 Competitive Server. This was requested by Face to have the NYC 5v5 Competitive Server to have the have settings as Dallas 5v5 Competitive Server.


Server will remain OFFLINE until the new settings have been tested or changes are safely reverted.

A Backup of the NYC 5v5 Competitive Server has been made (image saved on 10th October 2016) This can be rolled onto the server if it does damage Game play or update is not approved by Face.


live.cfg (Main Multiplayer Server Settings)

Original NYC 5v5 Setting    Setting from Dallas 5v5    


mp_c4timer "35" ----> mp_c4timer "40"    // How long from when the C4 is armed until it blows

mp_roundtime_defuse "1.75" ----> mp_roundtime_defuse "1.92"    // Ensures roundtime is set at 2 minutes, regardless of gamemode


Note: Subject to changes

Awaiting Approval by Face

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