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VPP Review 2016

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Hi All,

A big thank you to all our Players and Staff who have stayed with VPP again for another year and to all our new Players and Staff too! We wouldn't be where we are today without your support!

Another year at VPP is coming to a close and lets just say its been a rocky ride with all the CS:GO events, servers emptying due to Valves new way they are diverting Player Traffic away from Community Servers to their causal servers but we are still standing strong, Valve will never destroy us!

General Community

Our first highlight of VPP in 2016 is we finally changed our Forum software and we have much more features and is much more easier to Manage! It is still a working progress but eventually it will have a custom design theme and our logo attached to the website. Any suggestions on how we can improve our Forum Site please either message me personally or leave a request in the Community Feedback section.


Insurgency Servers

In 2016 VPP expanded to another game that was just starting up and at first I personally thought it would end in the same fate as any other game we try and host servers on no matter how early the game is in development. However this was the one, we now have 3 of the most Popular Community servers in the whole of Insurgency and are number one in the United States alone! They are always full and I personally have worked really hard in securing and making sure that our Insurgency Servers Player Base is the most sustained and friendly in the whole of the Insurgency Community. There is a fantastic admin team that I personally oversea and make sure they are delivering the best Administrative support with fairness and equality.

As you may have seen along with this development into our new Insurgency Servers I have introduced new policies to make sure our Community is the fair to make sure all our Players have a excellent experience while playing on our servers. Every incident is referred to our sanctions policy so that every player is given a equal chance. Our server rules make sure all players are having the best experience. I have a saying that the Player Experience always comes first. It is not important you win or lose the most important thing about Community Servers is the Community and making sure every player is having a fair and enjoyable experience no matter what team they are on. That's why the No Spawn Camping rule was introduced to our Insurgency Servers. Many players say they have never seen a Insurgency Server enforce this rule but in the end it makes sure that all our games are a fair game. It has been a success there has been a reduce in players leaving due to Spawn Campers. There are still the Spawn Campers in the server however our fast response admin team make sure eventually the Spawn Campers are banned fairly.


New Server Management System

In mid 2016 we introduced our new SourceBans system that now handles all our bans and mutes all in one place. This has made it easier to track how many bans or blocks a players has so that they are receiving the correct punishments. The new system has also made it easier to Manage our Admin Team making sure the right Admins are given the correct server permissions.


VPP Tournaments

Our Event Manager FacE has been working ever so hard in bringing to VPP a Season Based VPP Tournament on CS:GO. A big thank you to @^FacE in Organizing these events and making sure every match runs smoothly! With every match we have had a dedicated Casting Team brought to you by MagicMike and AdminPolice, thank you guys for bringing high quality casting and entertainment to our VPP Tourney Games!


Goals For 2017

Here at VPP we are contanstly finding new ways to make our Community even stronger and Unique. Currently an Action Plan for 2017 is currently working in progress but here are a few points we will continue to work on and improve upon:

  • Insurgency Servers- We are constantly testing new Plugins to bring to our Insurgency Servers and development will continue
  • TF2 Trade Server - In 2017 we are considering developing a VPP Custom store plugin that allows players to gain virtual currency and spend it on cool items and features in our TF2 Trade Server
  • Player Experience - As part of a new Job Role I have taken at my workplace I plan to use that Experience to Launch a Player Experience Department to make sure every Player is having the best experience while on our servers. Currently I do that already but I plan to bring new ways the Player Experience can be improved and maintained.
Again a big thank you to all our Staff and Players at VPP. We love each and every one of you!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from VPP!
Merry Christmas,
Liam Benfield
Head Community Manager
Player Experience Manager

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