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High sperm count, low CSS:GO score

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Hi all, I screwed up my donation to the server and had to create an account. To those who do not know me, I pretty much suck at Counter Strike. My main contribution to my team is recklessly following other shitty team mates to a quick and timely end. My contribution to the server is pretty much everyone can pad their stats on my many deaths. I am a Gemini, I hate Manitoba, my spiritual animal is a mole, I am responsible for the life of a 2 year old (non kidnapped child), and I'm a Canadian (so functionally retarded or a Trump supporter equivalent).

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Du Ma, you can talk shit if you want, but its only time your gonna be kicked out of the US. Mark my words. Bird its good to meet someone else with low standards and low scores! Face, I'm only Canadian from the waist down.  I duinno what that means.....just ignore what I just wrote.

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Hell yeah Dandy...

My position in CS is one i like to call Entry Death...the guys try to tell me that it isn't needed..but i feel that if i'm that good at the position, it's needed.  

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