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Cause this is THRILLER

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Hi, My name is Dan, but you can call me Thriller. I was born and raised in Danbury, Connecticut (also known as Gunbury by the rich white neighboring towns) I am at the prime age of 24 and the age range of the women i chase vary from over 19 to under 42. After graduating from Uconn with not much to show for it besides a lot of drinking experience and drug abuse, me and 3 other guys moved to Austin, TX to start a company (MyTennisLessons.com). I have been living and working out of the same house with the same people for over a year now and hopefully we will be getting an investment soon so I won't be very poor, just adequately poor. Anyways, I've been playing counter-strike since the age of 11. I know this because I remember my alias being "11 year old rapest" until someone in a pub was kind enough to correct my spelling to "rapist". I don't have that much time to play, but when I do i fucking love playing in the VPP server and its the only place I'll play now. Fun Facts about Me: I stand when I wipe, bar soap > body wash, I love to cuddle, i take my coffee black and sometimes with whiskey, 99% chance I'm taller than you, 100% chance I'm better looking than you, 0% chance my pickup lines work on sober girls, love to sing songs without knowing the lyrics [img:2q7o07v3]http://i.imgur.com/wOVXj.png[/img:2q7o07v3] I'm in the middle cheesing with spilled beer on my shirt
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