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resolved Slot Reservation + High Ping

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Hi, I just donated.

Here's my steam Id STEAM_0:0:55599294

Been playing this server for a long time when its called very poor people canada back in the day.

I just returned to cs go a few months ago, and I kept getting kicked out  from the server due to the slot reservation.

Btw, my ping gets kinda high maybe because I moved to waterloo. Used to have a decent 30ms ping, now I have like 80. 


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13 minutes ago, hunter1128 said:

probably thats the reason I got kicked so much.

High ping

Usually only kicks for high ping if you're <150ms (I THINK). I play from uwaterloo and don't get any issues o_O are you playing on Dallas? Weird.


Thanks for your donation, and welcome back :D. You'll get set up soon if you donated.

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