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[CSGO] Forced Team Selection

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A issue that has been a major issue within Very Poor People is Team Stacking. Player's, especially regulars, will join a Team that has the high skilled players or the Team in the lead. Our admins have done all they can to enforce our Server Rule of not to stack. Unfortently, this is still not enough to bring a fair match and community to our competitive server.


A new feature created by myself and my Assistant Community Manager, FacE, will remove the ability to join a team of your choice.

When you join the server, You will be automatically be assigned to the unstacked Team. You cannot open Team Selection and switch or go into spectator and switch that way. All methods of Team Switching are to be removed. Only Server Admins have the ability to move players. However, do not ask to be moved by an Admin, You must have a legit reason for wanting to switch and not be because your team is losing.

Here is a demo of how this new feature works:

This feature will be rolled out in the next Server update which is to be applied on Monday 20th February, 10AM CST


Once implemented, Plesse submit a Feedback form in the CS:GO Suggestions & Feeback subforum it would be grealty appreciated. As Player Experience Manager, my priority is to make sure every player is having the best experience possible.


Many Thanks,


Head Community Manager

Community Relations & Management

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UPDATE: I will warn all players playing on our Pub server during the week that expect a couple of patches to be rolled out during the week until this feature is finalized. Unfortunately we can't open another server and get a full 30 players to test this without effecting the live Pub Server. 


In order to be able to improve and fully finalize this feature we will need a full 30 players and provide feedback which some of you have done so far, and thank you for your bug reports they are being investigated and a fix is being developed and looked into.


Luckily, there are no downloads you need to make just expect a lot of changes being tested throughout the week. I hope to have this all sorted by Friday night if not, there will be no Hot fixes or any testing carried out on the live server over the weekend, I will wait to the following week to continue rolling Hot fixes and testing.

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