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VPP CS:GO Summer Tourney (July 2017) *COMPLETED*

Guest ^FacE

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I'm a FREE agent!! I would like to be on a team to help cheer you guys on as a bench warmer but if needed I can put out my P90 and help out. Please pick me!! I'm old and lonely

Winner of this Tourney should get a Brazilian Steak House Dinner with me!! Lets go!!

you do know there's no drinking on the job right moop? 

I'll be out of town from the 2nd to 6th.  If someone wants to schedule during that time let me know and I'll see if we can field 5.  


2 hours ago, Copenhagen said:

Agree, rejects should enter their team.

They scared.

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1 hour ago, Welcome to ClanVPP said:

You might be too young to remember this but there was a time long long ago about 4 years ago when REJECTS VS VPP (team full of girls) raped this shit out of REJECTS. Du Ma was their team captain 9_9

I was there during that time but never paid attention to it. I was just playing the pub server. But i heard about it

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Ok heres the final update for my team, replacing a player due to his inactive hours.

Old Player: emaL   STEAM_1:1:6872834 

New Player: MVRK STEAM_1:0:1897893

Team: Team 'Merica

Would like to schedule a match against: July 5th, 9pm est in NY VPP server

Team: On Client.rip

Date/Time: July 5th, 9pm EST

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Guest ^FacE

Reminder that ALL group stage matches are between you and your captain's scheduling. The chart on 1st page is a reminding of who needs to play who, NOT WHEN

i.e. you can play round 5 on day 1 if wanted, or round 1 last day etc.

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On 6/30/2017 at 6:45 PM, stubbymango said:

I'll be leaving SWIGGITY SWOOGITY  and joining Whatever you Want for the tourney, since idk if my team is even participating lol

my steam id is STEAM_0:1:112928940


who's mans

we are participating

will be contacting my team between now and july 5 and propose a match time by july 5 :)

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