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acknowledged Admins should do more to make the server balanced despite the new forced teams update

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I've played a lot of maps yesterday on the Dallas 30-Man server, and quite a lot of them were so unbalanced that it became a frag-hunt for the winning team.

I am seeing a lot of praise for the new plugin, but I don't ever recall playing in so many unbalanced games since the update. This is something I've been observing for quite a while, and it was only yesterday when I decided to take screenshots of some of the scores.






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Our Admins are instructed to scramble teams when the teams are unbalanced (skill wised) as for player count wise, the new update has been designed to keep the team numbers even and prevent players joining mid way through a game and joining the winning team. This new system does not include detecting each players skill level, it is not that advanced and is extremely technical and advanced to implement.


At times, there may be no Admins online in the server and I solution that could be implemented but highly unlikely is the option for players to start a scramble vote when no Admins are on the server. There are very few options to keep the Teams balanced skill wise when there is no Admins in the server but we are always looking into options to deal with this issue and to improve the Player Experience.


If giving players to ability to initiate Scramble Votes is the solution or not, it is hard to say, it can be abused but also can balance teams but again, the system will not always work, yes it may balance but it may keep the highly skilled players all on the same team as any system valve or not, would not be able to scramble based on skill (K:D and Score) it may seem like a easy logic system to create looking at each players score but the coding behind such system is actually very complex which not everyone will realise, trust me creating a system that can do this is very complicated and that's why no such system exits.

Admins should be scrambling Teams when appropriate to make the game fair, I have seen this happen, it is mainly a issue when Admins are not in the server and it becomes a hard situation to deal with. If you do see Admins in the server and the game is unfair (score wise) and they haven't scrambled the Teams to attempt to make it fair, please submit a report to either myself or Toan @Welcome to ClanVPP. It is the Admin's duty to make the server as fair as possible so all Players can enjoy, we are a pub server not a full on competitive server.

Also bare in mind, some maps are just Team sided for example, Inferno is always CT sided and even scrambling the best players still does not help from one side dominating the entire match. Some things cannot be helped but we try our best to enforce a fair game for all our Players.


Many Thanks,


Head Community Manager

Community Relations & Management

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I have not played recently due to some personal stuffs, but right after the anti-stacking fix there has been games where one side mostly dominates the other. As liam said its hard to do anything on maps like inferno which is super ct sided but for other maps like mirage, dust 2 and cache the scores should be pretty even. I should be playing from tonight at the peak hours and I if this scores differences happens again I will try to prevent it through changing the people to other sides based on their skills (I am familiar with the skillset of almost everyone on the server). Or I will simply scramble the teams with or without  bias from the admin menu.


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