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Wats gud

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Hello everyone,

Been in the CS:GO server a couple of times when I have had the opportunity. It is always been enjoyable to play there and hope to hop on a couple more times! Been playing on/off CS since 2002 and its good to see that there is still a community that enjoys playing just for the fuck of it B|

Nice to meet y'all and see you around!


PD: Think I forgot to add my steam ID in the donation. Its: STEAM_0:1:27657031 

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Welcome to our Community!


From all of us at Management, we hope you enjoy your stay with us and have a amazing time playing in our Servers.

Please feel free to submit a Support Request if you have any questions or are in need of assistance, we are all happy to help!


A big thank you for donating, you have helped us a lot to keep this community alive and allow us to bring all of our players events and contests in the near future, thank you!

Image result


Many Thanks,


Head Community Manager

Community Relations & Management

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