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New Map Cycle  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think of the New Map Cycle?

    • Love it - Keep it
    • Like it however, change some maps (Please describe)
    • Hate it - Restore to previous cycle

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This rotation is great but I think when it comes to Cobblestone, it's a win or lose situation. Sometimes it's a great map that people love and will join/stay and sometimes it's map that people despite and will leave. However, it's nice to take into consideration for those who do like Cobblestone and leave it in the rotation. When it comes to the case where players don't want to play the map or the server is getting dead, there should be enough admins to call a vote and change the map accordingly.

As for office, it's a pretty fun map to play on and just mess around. But I honestly think that the map should only be placed in play if the server becomes dead especially when it's late at night. Now, I don't mean that the map should be only be played if the server is dead since there are other great usages to it as well from what I have seen. There was definitely a boost in player numbers as soon as we switched to the map and I know that some people were willing to change something once in awhile, just say fuck it, and play. The problem I see with Office being a normal rotation is that since the player count is so high, I can just imagine the constant spawn camping and/or rushing in to just get one hostage which is all it takes to win the round. This also includes unintentional blocking specifically for the Ts since they're so clumped in a small area. As a result, I feel that over time as players will become frustrated, bored, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I still like Office regardless since it's a fun and great map to mess around on. It brings me back nostalgia when I used to play on Office servers back in other Counter-Strike games. It's also really funny when I hear others joking and laughing about when playing on Office, I enjoy the interaction that gives off the positive and jokingly vibe which at times it can be negative, but still funny.

Whatever ultimately happens, I don't really care. I'll still have my fun and joy in playing VPP no matter what. :x

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I dont think nuke and office would be a GREAT idea for a  15/16 vs 15/16. 

Would recommend Cbble and inferno back in rotation.

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I love the addition of Office to the map pool. Maybe de_nuke can be replaced with cs_italy, otherwise I think the new rotation is perfect.


As for Office being too clumped for the T's, I've never had a problem when playing CS Source 24vs24 on office, so I don't see why 15 vs 15 would be a problem in GO.

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I think office would be a great addition on the map cycle. Its a clusterfuck but fun to play. Season is also a much loved map by the community because its big enough for 15v15 and gets quite competitive. 

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Please note that abusing any map breaking boosts on canals will not be allowed.  Since you can see through every texture on the map it will be a punishable offense.

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