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Wolfgang Doghouse

Players having server DC issues to ClanVPP Servers (Insurgency)

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I was approached by a gentleman with an issue. Here's the message he sent to me:

"ItsRandel153: I cant connect into the servers but im able to connect into other servers and now im confused on how to get on the server because Clanvpp servers are like my #1 server and only servers i play on do you know why im having this problem?"

Player's ID is: STEAM_0:0:150477729
He should not have any ban against him and his record is clean (as far as I can tell).

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Thank you for your request.

I have investigated this and like you have mentioned his SteamID you have stated is not banned according to our system and has not been blocked entry. If you could please ask the player to either screenshot or be able to state the full error message he gets when connecting to the servers he is unable to connect to.

If he is able to connect to the server within the next hour or so now I can monitor the Server Console and see if any error messages are posted in the console log.

If you can also ask him when was the last date and possibly time he last connected successfully to one of our servers and which server it was.

If he could also submit a copy of his console by pressing the developer key and copy what is posted in console after he has been disconnected for the server.




Head Community Manager

Community Relations & Management



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