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denied Last Man Standing

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I don't know if you guy's remember this game type from like 1.6(source maybe?) it was called 'Last Man Standing'. It was mainly played on the larger maps with a little bit extended round time. Everyone had to get 1 or more kills to move onto the next round. Everyone that died or didn't find a kill and the round time expired, would be moved to spectate. The next round was to be played out with only the people with kills on the scoreboard and this would continue until we had a Last Man Standing. Sometimes they had prizes but that's not what I'm asking, just for fun!

I don't know if it's possible to set this up on the servers here, but it was a lot of fun way back then so I thought I'd ask on here. 

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At this moment in time, We are currently not looking into starting up fresh new servers. Due to the current state of the CS:GO community in regards to Community Servers it is much harder to start fresh new servers especially custom ones.


Many Thanks,


Head Community Manager

Community Relations & Management

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