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Dexxus Andres's Admin Application

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  • Your Name: Dexxus Andres
  • Age: 19
  • Steam ID: dexxusandres777 
  • Server Applying For: Very Poor People | Trade Server | Dallas | ClanVPP.com
  • Do you have admin experience?: None, but I want to learn proper leadership behavior.
  • Do you have any skills or knowledge that will help you with the role?: I have a strong sense of justice and I do not stand for hackers to continue to flood the server the way they have been. 
  • Why do you wish to become a server administrator?: I wish to help moderate the server in order to keep hackers at bay. It upsets everyone on the server, including me. The server would be a much more enjoyable place if everyone played fair, or at least by the game's rules.
  • Do you currently hold an Administrator position or similar with another community?: No, none at all.
  • How will you draw people to our server?: I will do so by being friendly and making the server a nice place to either trade or hang out. Some other users know me there and hopefully they can spread the word about the server.

I, Dexxus Andres, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences. :)

Edited by Dexxusandres

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