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VPP CS:GO Winter Tourney (January 2018) (Closed)

Guest ^FacE

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VPP CS:GO Winter Tournament

Want your chance to win some hot chocolate money to get you through the cold winter?

Get ready for another CS:GO tournament hosted by VPP, in a similar fashion to our successful tournaments in the past.

Like what you saw the last season? Why not join in on the fun.

Tournament is free to join. Invite your friends and have some fun (See below for requirements)

Deadline for Team registration ends:    January 2nd         Team Registration       Opened

Member registration/validation ends:  January 7th           Member Registration  Opened

First Match begins: January 8th, 2017                                 GOOD LUCK TEAMS


To view the full brackets and detailed information: http://challonge.com/VPPWinter2018




1st place: 

2nd place: 

3rd place: 



- All members must be a VPP server player, VPP member, or friend of the VPP community.
- Minimum 20+ hours gameplay in 3 months (Very easy to do)
- Or if deemed by admin as active player 

Want to check your hours? Go here: Player Stats



** TEAMS ** 
 - There will be a total of 4-8+ teams in the entire bracket. (Or more, based on submissions)
 - Each team will comprise of 5 people. (2 substitutions and 1 coach optional, but must be included in the roster submission) 
 - Coach Position can be subbed during tournament if posted within 24hrs of a match (That will be the NEW coach until another post is made)

- Winning team from last tournament may not be in the same team in this tournament

 - NO RINGERS ALLOWED AT ALL. No excuses. Any absences will be your disadvantage. There are now 2 sub slots for a reason, and a Extra Player Pool.
 - Non-validated members are not eligible to play in the tournament 


Coaching Rules:
 - Coaching feature will be available during the tournament
 - Coaches must be apart of their active roster (This means that 6 players can be on - 1 coach and 5 players)
 - Coaches must stay as a coach throughout the ENTIRE match. Anytime a coach leaves that position and goes into spectate will be valid for removal   of coaching for the team and/or disqualification of the tournament (There's no need to leave coach mode during a game)


Extra Player Pool:
 - There will be a separate pool where a player is not dedicated to a single team
 - They are players who are willing to fill in an empty position to help play a match in the case of teams not having enough players online
 - Members in this pool WILL NOT be apart of any team's prize pool (If you wish to donate some to them offline, that is up to you)
 - Members must also follow the requirements like any players registered in the tournament

 - Please use the below quote to sign up


I would like to join the Extra Player Pool:

1. (Player name / Steam ID) 


** Matches **

- All Matches are Best of 3 maps (Unless more than 8 teams, will be Bo1 elims, then Bo3 Semi, Bo3 Finals)
- Dallas or New York 128 tick server 
- Winners move on to play in the upper bracket, losers drop out of the upper bracket and get moved to the lower bracket to try to redeem themselves.

- Map will be decided by a coin flip from the officiator: league style: Picks and Bans of a pool of 7
- (1 Coin-Flip-Win Veto, 1 Coin-Flip-Lose Veto, 1 Coin-Flip-Win Pick, 1 Coin-Flip-Lose Pick, 1 Coin-Flip-Lose Veto, tie-breaker of 2 choices is chosen by Coin-Flip-Win)
- Non-map picker will have choice of side (CT or T)

- Map Pool:


- An officiator must be present during the match (To set up the match, as well as to monitor the game in progress)
- Match Medic IS AVAILABLE
- 1 Tactical timeout (2 minutes) may be used per team, per side (Including OT), per map.
           (If deemed it is a technical timeout, a tactical timeout will not be charged)
- Subbing mid-match IS AVAILABLE, at the cost of a Tactical Timeout
- Advised that any streamers actively playing in a match should delay their stream for 2 or more minutes to prevent stream sniping

(Any stream sniping is at the streamer's own risk and not valid for dispute)

 - Matches can be rescheduled if BOTH teams agree up to 24 hours prior to match start and told to an officiator. Otherwise, matches will be played as is (ex. 5v4, 4v4, etc.)
 - Live matches consisting of 3 or fewer players on a team will be a auto-forfeit loss
 - BOTH team captains MUST record ENTIRE DEMOS of their WHOLE MATCH. Failure to do so MAY disqualify the team from the match/map.
 - (Demos submissions are only required if there is a dispute in a match/map)
 - It is recommended that you record separate demos per map on a match
 - Matches start on: Monday, January 8th, 2017

Match Default times are at 9:00pm EST, 6:00pm PST Monday-Thursday
UNLESS agreed upon between BOTH teams for a date/time change (MUST POST ON THREAD FOR CHANGES)
Also, both team leaders (Or coach) must notify an officiator to confirm change
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are used as reschedule dates)
- In the event of a reschedule, the OPENED previous date that was being rescheduled will be available for any future SAME WEEK matches


A grace period of 10 minutes to warmup/start match is given while waiting to join server

Anyone who is NOT part of the match/commentary will get kicked and/or banned pending on situation

If you wish to spectate, watch the live games from the commentaries below


** PRIZE **     Current Prize Pool: $___

$___ Paypal or Gift Card, will be sent to the team leader who will be responsible for distributing the split on their team
1st Place: Team will receive $60%   (~$___)
2nd Place:Team will receive $30%   (~$___)
3rd Place:Team will receive $10%    (~$___)


**Contributors: **


Prizes are primarily contributed via donations

If you are interested in donating to the tournament, go here: Click Here

If you're interested in participating, please reply to this post in the format as follows: (Copy/Paste the quoted text)




Team Name: (Please keep this appropriate.) 
Team Leader Name:
Optional Coach Name (Part of roster below):

1. (Player name / Steam ID) 
2. (Player name / Steam ID) 
3. (Player name / Steam ID) 
4. (Player name / Steam ID) 
5. (Player name / Steam ID)
6. (Player name / Steam ID) (Optional Sub)
7. (Player name / Steam ID) (Optional Sub)





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MagicHelmetTV      (https://www.twitch.tv/magichelmettv)
eastY'e                    (https://www.twitch.tv/lolomgeasty)
AdminPolice           (https://www.twitch.tv/adminpolice)


**GOTV will be available**

GOTV IP: Dallas:

GOTV IP: New York:


**Current Roster/Teams**



Team Name:  TOXIC AF
Team Leader Name:  Copenhagen
Optional Coach Name (Part of roster below): mdnght   /    STEAM_0:0:49968215

1. Copenhagen          /           STEAM_1:0:8842940
2. waterfall                /           STEAM_1:1:90282930 
3. Blaze                      /           STEAM_1:1:57633318
4. Hype                      /           STEAM_0:1:26363656
5. bsg ✌                     /            STEAM_0:0:129872608
6. MVRK                   /            STEAM_1:0:1897893 8
7. aphaM [A]            /            STEAM_0:0:20563984  












**Players Looking for Teams**

Moop the communist         /          STEAM_0:1:5036529


**Extra Player Pool**

Twente               /            STEAM_1:0:20941885


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- Winning team from last tournament may not be in the same team in this tournament

We won with 2 close maps, barely got through groups and can't play as a team again?  Is it just all 7 or can we keep our main 5?  Honestly that's pretty bs considering we didn't win by a huge margin and the 2nd and 3rd place team were just as stacked and could have easily won if a few ecos went there way.

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 Might as well tell all top 3 teams they can't play together or just have people sign up to play the tournament and randomly draw it.


"We might as well just get 2nd place since we still get money and can remake the team in the next tournament"- In teamspeak right now.

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3 minutes ago, Welcome to ClanVPP said:

I would say if the team won 2 tourneys in a row,  they should split up if not then they should stay the same if they choose.  Did you guys win back to back tourney?

We did, but it was close every time.  Didn't LLR win like 3-4 in a row?


3 minutes ago, Gondolf said:

I like this idea, but maybe that's because i'm shit at the game.

Definitely gives everyone a more fair chance.  I doubt any tournament where people can choose teams will have more than 3 teams with any realistic chance of winning.

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On 9/14/2017 at 0:37 PM, Welcome to ClanVPP said:

If you dont have the exact same lineup then it should be fine. This tourney is for fun and for people to get some xp and win some loot.  Have fun guys and kick some ass. I hope we got a bunch of team playing this time, if we do I will increase the Tourney prizes. 

This is primarily the reason. As long as majority of the roster is different (You can have a few of your core players)

We don't want people to avoid this tournament due to the fact of "Oh, they're playing again, we have no chance of winning, why sign up"

We would like to see more teams sign up (as the registration process has been extended to 3 months instead of the usual 1-2 months like the past)


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