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He uses triggerbot which looks mostly normal so it's hard to get definitive proof. One defect of a simple triggerbot is there's no notion of recoil control. This results in him full spraying a Deagle when his crosshair aims at someone's head. See (note his insane HS%): https://streamable.com/z35dy

He only has 160 hours: https://i.imgur.com/C3tDZwx.jpg

He's D+ in ESEA with a negative KD in all 11 matches: https://play.esea.net/users/1986560?tab=stats&last_type_scope=pug&game_id=25&type_scope=pug&period[type]=career

Yet he comes into a non-ESEA server and destroys much better players with a ridiculous amount of headshots.

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