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Player Crashed server?

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Can't find Steam ID because its not on gameme page (due to crash i think), however right after he joined with aimware name, the server lagged considerably for like 5-10 seconds and then rebooted i assume. I'm sure everyone was aware anyway, but I did notice flood of errors in console, but was not sure if anyone else had same? I do not see the error commonly, but did notice its present in plenty of search results.




screenshot was literally taken as the sever started lagging, as you can see syrup mentioning his name when he is about to join a team, lol.

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April 17th, 1:25 am (the night of the 16th), in eastern standard timezone for me, so technically probably still 16th there, 17th for me. I guess it was fixed because a player joined last night and was kicked, surprised it was fixed tbh. xD


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