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Recompiling Tuscan with more spawns for the server.

I checked nightfever and it had ample amount of spawns so i dont know where that problem was


and since we're adding old maps into the server, i would think the older players would enjoy the 1.6/css train



ill talk to moop about tuscan when im done compiling it

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6 hours ago, Welcome to ClanVPP said:

why did they banned you?

Back then EcG had a rule called "map owning" and if you basically ran around and ruined other people's "fun" they would ban you lmao

(also had a rule where if you had 20+ kills and a 3:1 ratio you had to drop to pistols, it was odd)

Their reason


But in the meantime I'm compiling Tuscan with the more spawns and can also throw in egon in a rar file when it's done

Tried to decompile tuscan and brute has made it so it creates leaks upon decompile. Im going to see if i can get the css version to work, but even so i only see 13 spawns for each team. ill update in a bit

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3 hours ago, Du Ma said:

Hype please add snow to the snow world map. That map is popular! Also add a buy zone too. Thanks!

I'll swap the textures when I get home from work in 5 hours and add the middle buyzone. (Can also add in Kevlar or kev/helm if you want) I just need to add newer lighting in css Tuscan as it's pitch black in tunnels and mid. I'll let moop test that when I get the chance to compile it. 

I'll see if I have other big maps like desert_atrocity and some other custom maps but I think my maps folder is mostly minigame (mg) maps since that's my specialty lol

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Found a little more custom css maps that are really big and fit 30 people. (All for 64 players maps)



(Will edit in more)



de_ruins (big map, possible old operation map)





And that's all the custom maps I can recall playing on that could fit the server. Moop feel free to message me if you remember any more big css maps. I'll port some over too if you would like. 

And silly note, if we are adding in more maps, I think we should add in a plugin to vote for maps/nominate once it hits halftime or something. I'll continue to be on the hunt for more big maps

Thanks guys :D

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