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Moop the communist

contest August Contest Winners!

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VPP would like to congratulate the following players who obtained the most knife kills during the month of August:

  • 1st Place: Spiderpig
  • 2nd Place: iMod
  • 3rd Place: Tiki

Big congratulations!!!!

@Winners - Please IM your Paypal email address to either  @Welcome to ClanVPP or myself in order to claim your prizes. 

1st place: $60

2nd place: $25

3rd place: $15


Thank you all again for the participation! We hope to see you all in the next competition!!

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Thank you for the contest; it was a blast being able to fuck around and knife people! This server has never failed to make my night, and so I would like to put $30 back into the server, and $30 towards @Welcome to ClanVPP for him to have a night out on me... it's not a lot but he gives away a lot of $$ and I want him to spend some $$ on himself for once!

Assuming the rate is still $5 for a month of donor and $10 for 3 months (if it is not, I'll correct this list asap), I'd like to buy donor for the following people. These guys are all regulars who contribute to the server's fun environment and without them, this server wouldn't be the same.

1. 2SoonJr (STEAM_1:1:15318852) : 1 month of donor ($5)

2. fixins (STEAM_1:1:12012263) : 1 month of donor ($5)

3. waterfall (STEAM_1:1:90282930) : 1 month of donor ($5)

4. blazewip (STEAM_1:1:83171358) :  3 months of donor ($10)

5. boo (STEAM_0:0:19347206) : 1 month of donor ($5)

Those 5 donations should sum up to $30.

Thank you to Moop for organizing the contest, and Mr. @Welcome to ClanVPP for hosting the servers!!! Great contest.

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