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New Map Suggestions [2019]

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Me and a couple of admins have been talking about adding some maps since the server only seems to want to play only cache & mirage. So i made a bunch of suggestions and put them into a google doc to view. For all the gamebanana maps, I do have workshop links if you need. I also have a .rar file with all the bsp files for the gamebanana maps.


If you have any questions, please DM me in discord or steam.

Thanks guys


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15 hours ago, Welcome to ClanVPP said:

Desu already requested some of those, and most of them are not compatible with the current version of csgo since its a new system files when panorama came out. Also we don't upload anything from gamebanana anymore. Desu did put in some maps that will be added on the server maybe tomorrow. 

Hey Toan! Yeah i spoke to boop about it (and its the same link n the post i sent him) and he told me to get rid of the GB links. Figured id make a post for more visibility and for whoever lurks to comment on them! Thanks for the reply though :D

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Santarini and Village cannot be handled by the fastdl.


will continue to leave notes on which maps break the server and what not.

also edited a new variant for iceworld that is on my workshop. i @'d u in discord with the link

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