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  2. Personally, I think one's poverty has a lot to do with the environment and cultural background. There is no denying that some people are born rich and some are born poor. Apart from this factor, everything else is equal solar charger
  3. Thank you very much for responding. To be honest with you auto force pick isn't on that's what used to be on the server but got turned off people can choose the team they decide. And I want to mention something. Admins don't scramble teams, and the rare time they do that, people complain and server dead, This is because the scramble is not done from the beginning as it should be
  4. I also just turn on the built in auto team balance function in csgo. Lets see if thats any good compare to the sm plugin.
  5. We tested auto balance plugin before and all were trash. We already put auto force pick so people can't try to stack. If there's an admin on the server ask them to scramble team. There's an option for that on the admin menu.
  6. I +support this. Being on the team that gets 16-0'd, 16-1, 16-2, 16-3, etc., is no fun at all unless you go in with a "I don't care anymore" mentality. But even with that mentality, it doesn't get fun when you just get one shotted when peeking corners.
  7. Hi, I hope you're all right. The reason for my post is as follows: This is a topic that many already know, I love the server and would like the best for him. I have a lot of time playing in VPP and I have noticed a problem that makes the server die early sometimes and it is the problem of "Stacking". I know that many people don't do it but there are others that do and nobody can deny it, I don't come to look for guilty people and I look for solutions. Long time ago vpp used to have auto team select, where as soon as you joined it put you on a random team that settings got turned of
  8. thanks benn already took care of it. you should be set
  9. Hi I just donated $10 but forgot to include my IGN/steamid: IGN: fredbobson, id: STEAM_0:1:220524385 Thanks!
  10. honestly if an admin tell you to leave him alone then you should leave him alone instead of roasting him. Yall don't like each other that's good, I don't really care. Some people come on to play to get away from the real life hardship or drama. I know you were the one who was spreading rumors about benn being a bad admin and you don't know what he does undercover. Be happy its just a mute, just roast someone else that actually like you instead of someone that hate you. Closing this thread now, I'm sure its a temp mute but if you are still muted message me on steam and I will fix that.
  11. Just some more toxicity of _beNN if his 2 comments on this post weren't enough yet.
  12. So I haven't been on here for awhile. But I think Waffles should not speak to Benn. Try that Waffles. You're a harmless guy and I enjoy playing with you. Any complaints about Benn, direct it to Toan since I am rarely on. I hope you guys can work it out. Life is hard as it is already.
  13. I do block him but can still talk to me via @admin chat and still goes there to annoy me. I've had him block every time and ofc it doesn't perma block him from talking and have to manually do it every time I join the server. Most of the time I forget and just ignore him but holy shit whenever my name comes out of this kid its some complaint that APPARENTLY is my fault. like fuck off tf you want from me when your team is losing? or you dont like the map while everyone is fine with it? just stfu and stop bothering me after being ignored for months.
  14. i normally dont post on forums or add my two cents, but this intrigues me. i think since benn doesnt like waffles, you usually block him personally so you cant see his chat. i dont see why you would need to perma mute someone that annoys you? this prevents him from talking to everyone, which seems unfair to a long standing member of VPP. if he was toxic to the entire server, and not in a jest, then sure, but this steps over the line imo. 🤨
  15. I was waiting for this. I've warned you multiple times to stop annoying me. I've ignored you for months and months and months but you seems to not know when to shut the fuck up when being ignored. Your little "banter" is when blaming me cause your team is losing or when you dont like the map. It's everyday that I have to deal with your annoying fucking ass and I've had enough of it. and your little screenshot here proves it again that your annoying me and trying to get a reaction out of me. I auto-join whenever I play on this server and HAVE complained 0 times when my team is losing.
  16. ====================================================================================================================== Player(s) in-game name: _beNN STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:15271276 Server: VPP | Dallas | Comp Approx time: 9:00PM PST Details of incident(s): I was giving Benn a little banter in chat, but all of a sudden he mutes me and gags me. Zero warning. And apparently he's always said bad things about me in multiple admin chats. I wasn't even flaming him, I was just roasting him (we do this often in the server). I will say that benn has an ongoing gru
  17. want somebody help my son,https://www.webtopblogger.com
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