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  1. [img:ox73vgvn]https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t34.0-12/10850739_829420090442317_1738806549_n.jpg?oh=9afabd28e9df71f357b967e614cfcbaf&oe=548607E0&__gda__=1418059200_9768484c8b498779f5177def7cbaf72f[/img:ox73vgvn] Just got a haircut today.
  2. [quote="BroHamBone":4sxt1551]Negative. Ive had a california roll and california pizza kitchen...closest thing to "california" food[/quote:4sxt1551] Go to Alberto's and get the California burrito. I just had it today. So. Damn. Good.
  3. Really crossing my fingers for this.
  4. [quote="BroHamBone":3ey4w6pa][quote="phunion":3ey4w6pa]WADDUP. . I put them inside Alberto's Carne Asada burritos.[/quote:3ey4w6pa] Me, You, and Alberto's burrito. Do it! Welcome![/quote:3ey4w6pa] Have you ever tried the California burrito?
  5. [quote="whosurdaddy972":1xwhn0ld]We had that before , match doesn't start until we type .ready but it wasn't too popular. That server will be a zombie mode once I can get the bandwidth in place and the coder to work on the server. As of right now there's no eta on it[/quote:1xwhn0ld] What do you think about making the Dallas UG server into this idea for the time being?
  6. phunion


    Who cooks for dinner?
  7. [quote="whosurdaddy972":ogk1paai]shit is gay [/quote:ogk1paai] CS1.6 dust2 is the shit..
  8. [url:3t2m8jph]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEMsjeq43_U[/url:3t2m8jph] Schoolboy Q is one of my favorite rappers.
  9. The new logo looks pretty sick!
  10. [quote="shoottomaim":2ca5qeny]i yolo'd and bought an asus strix 970 4 gb ddr5 yolo + evga 750w G + wd blue 1tb[/quote:2ca5qeny] 750W isn't bad, but, I would have gotten more just in case I wanted to upgrade later on.
  11. The butt-clenching on the overtime in the last map was too intense...
  12. [quote="Liam|VPP":1drkfxe5]Here is the suggestion from Batman of what I was able to do: Actual Scale Image: http://i.imgur.com/Hwp6ejv.jpg[/quote:1drkfxe5] Nice! It looks pretty cool. Do you think you can add little small snow flakes in the background so it looks like it actually snowing? That'd be pretty awesome.
  13. [quote="EMT_Batman":t649vk2v]DreamHack just announced that the match between Fnatic and LDLC will be replayed tomorrow.[/quote:t649vk2v] Does that do anything to the skins that were already lost? D:
  14. I have two extra Insurgency copies that I'm putting up for trade. Got any skins?
  15. RIP skins. D: LDLC was doing so good..but not as good as Fnatic I guess.
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