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  1. just hopped after A WEEK of no play nad YAY for cali changes looking forward to a more competitive aspect. voting though is going to get abused and could be bad, but its great for when admins arnt around.
  2. I was banning Admin, will be uploading demos for admins to review. Please sit tight. -Racoon
  3. I'll donate, but i was bringing it up for other reasons, I move back to Cali in SEPT/OCT and it shouldnt be that big of an issue. but thanks anyways
  4. Holy CRAP this shit is the most annoying feature of your server. the server does not give a SHIT if your top fragging or 2nd top or anything. just went 20/10 and got kicked mid round for slot reservation. this is literally the MOST annoying thing possible. what makes it MORE annoying, you dont have server set up for competitive reconnect. In other words if im max money top fragging, and get kicked for slot reserve. If i reconnect even 2 seconds later, i lose EVERYTHING my K:D and my money. Please fix these issues. If there's ANY way NOT to get kicked please let me know. I reside in Hawaii
  5. little late on this, but as for radar, showscores stuff, i VPP servers are the only ones i have an issue with, and it seems to happen when i get dropped and try reconnecting.
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    well thats good! lol
  7. Racoon


    Hello all, Racoon here, formally an admin/asshole/rageface/startup of California CS. Figured you guys are the big dogs now, i enjoy the severs and people (since most of us migrated over after CaliCS shut down) hope to make good impact on your community as well. lets see, about me: 26, Hawaii, Navy (soon to be Lemoore, CA) Baby on the way love what i do. and willing to help others out if they need anything.
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