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  1. ORION

    new maps please!

    Bloodhound Maps please!
  2. Any1 down for comp matchmaking to increase rank or missions add me and msg me! My rank is Master Guardian Elite I welcome same or higher and any carries lol! Smurfs are welcome also!
  3. ORION

    More Skins?!!

    Any chance of getting "The Expendables" Or Bond Villains? Rambo? Arnold? Jet Li? Jaws? chow Yun Fat (Hard boiled) John "Soap" MacTavish Jason Brody / Vaas (FC3) dolph lundgren Etc..Ya know Classic action movie/GAME characters!
  4. ORION

    new maps please!

    Love the server! need change of pace! Map rotation is getting stale imo. here are my suggestions. they are really good maps! 1) de_amiaz_beta (multiple entries and flanks) (sniping positions and engaging cover) 2) de_alexandria (multiple entries and flanks) 3)de_piranesi 4)de_cbble
  5. ORION


    I subscribed and I still and unable to join ORION 1:0:1206406
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