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  1. Ya, points were capped at 10. I still feel like it may be a little low. Maybe we should try a cap of 15 on one of the other servers, see which one sits better with everyone?
  2. Your Name: Mike Age: 35 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:37298784 Server applying for: LA, TX and NYC Do you have admin experience? Yes, I'm currently an Admin for the MAGA server. How will you draw people to our server? I'm honest, fair and try to be helpful to newbies. I follow server rules and have little tolerance for those that don't and no tolerance at all for cheating. I'm a fairly constant presence, as I play a LOT and generally split my time between the 3 servers. I like to think I'm a fun(ny) guy, but at the very least people can laugh at me, if not with me. I ca
  3. I'm going to perform a little necromancy here, revive this post and give my 2 cents on the topic. Is there any way to talk to GameMe about adjusting the values? As Elden originally said, the gain/loss for explosives is WAY too high. It's great for games like CSGO, where explosives are relatively weak, but not so much for Insurgency where getting multiple kills from a nade/c4/rocket is a very common occurrence. On the flip side, knife kills are damned hard to make in this game, but the multiplier is so low. If GameMe is willing to make changes, would you guys be willing to put a ca
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