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  1. My milk shake will out shake yours any dayyyyy. ;3
  2. I was watching and was like, mann this shit isn't that funny... And then it kept going... Anddd I could not stop laughing. Thankss!! :3
  3. MORE ASIANS?!?!? ZOMGDFSHFDHFDS!!! >.< Hii! <3
  4. Larrryyyyy!!! I'm going to murderr youu! >.<
  5. I've never even launched Dota. lol
  6. Rofl. Brainy, you're so silly. :3 <3
  7. Lol, Yes Brainy. My full name is Katherine. I go by Kat. :3 Anddd that's not very nice Hackuracy! Goshh! </3
  8. I know. My skills are amazingg. All self-taught. ;3 WELL. I'm done spamming your forums now, with your permission according to that picture. Yay me. xD
  9. Timid


    I've always hated this map... ALWAYS. >.< Gah.
  10. [img:162safjs]http://oi45.tinypic.com/2itiy4p.jpg[/img:162safjs] Yee. Mhmm. <3
  11. Lmao. Poor Du Ma. I feel bad for you... and have this strange feeling to go and taze you now.
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