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  1. [quote="BlackStar":3qa537ey]So.... Why did this turn into a rage fest for a little while?? [color=#FF0000:3qa537ey]i'm retarded[/color:3qa537ey]... but I mean come on. The guy was just suggesting some stuff, I don't think he was trying to be arrogant... No need for the rage.[/quote:3qa537ey] FTFY On an OP-related note, I was playing in the server last night on Inferno when it appeared as though 11 terrorists were going to band together to pull off the elusive "11-terrorist-save-round". Thankfully, with 10-15 seconds left some people tried to rush in and only about 6
  2. I want to give this a try! Will probably have to wait until this weekend though.
  3. Nobody answered MY question. Thanks a lot you cocks.
  4. Is it possible to add conditionals to the end-of-round slay mechanism? Like a set of nested 'if' statements that would check some basic parameters before actually slaying? I'd like to see something like this implemented but only if it would slay people who had no reason to be saving.
  5. soLicitous

    csgo issues

    You could try verifying your game files if you haven't already.... I get some errors in my console as well, but not those errors and not nearly that many!
  6. Any reviews I've seen for that card have it sitting right at ~70c under load due to the configuration of the fan profile. None of them mentioned ~70c being too hot. You could always have the fan kick on sooner if you prefer lower temps though!
  7. People wait in line to play on the Dallas server right now because it's usually full. I'm guessing they'd play on the Chicago server rather than wait in line to play on Dallas so the server might be easy to populate. I know I'd probably just play on a Chicago server rather than force my way onto Dallas using my reserved slot when it's full. In the end the decision is entirely yours, but we're giving you feedback!
  8. [quote="notkurwa":329u3inp]solicitous(sp) do you remember me doing well or shitty. usually its shitty [/quote:329u3inp] Hah! The only person I remember being particularly shitty is Abe "Legendary Bro" Lincoln, but I think he wants to be shitty. As long as I don't remember you for being a dick you're just fine. :p
  9. Hi there! I've seen you around a few times on the Dallas server... hope you're enjoying your stay!
  10. I'm curious to see how the new AMD cards perform. I get that they are mostly rebrands, but my 750Ti probably isn't going to cut it for Fallout 4. Depending on the price and temperatures the R9 Nano looks like it would go nicely with my m-itx build.
  11. I've yet to have a problem with this bro... but I haven't spent a ton of time playing with him either.
  12. soLicitous


    [quote="NotMario":3fklyaui][quote="soLicitous":3fklyaui]Are you the Mario that keeps wanting to suck on everyone's toes?[/quote:3fklyaui] You guys are freaking disgusting I swear. Talking about putting whipped cream and syrup on it.[/quote:3fklyaui] But Mario! Putting whipped cream and syrup on toes is a great idea!
  13. soLicitous


    Are you the Mario that keeps wanting to suck on everyone's toes?
  14. Any chance one of these survival games makes it out of alpha? Or am I just pissing in the wind? I've seriously almost bitten on Rust and Day Z but can't convince myself to get invested in a game that is so incomplete. ...coming from a guy who plays CSGO though, so...
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