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  1. I save if it saves us some money then do it, and yea expanding into ArmA III was a awesome idea.
  2. "Sailormoon gitch on the pots and pan, gonna be hard to fix that if you even can. " That made me WTF then LOL major. Once I seen my self die in game with. I love the skins great fun thing to add to the server. that green ranger has to go and die in a fire so small hard to hit. I HATE IT! The rest are awesome!
  3. Great work everyone this money will help VPP and on top of it 25 people 26 including me will be super fresh with there new VPP t-shirts! Looking forward to the next sale of a new design maybe the designs will be limited one time releases so next time you guys better order one when you can cause you may never get the chance after the time is up!
  4. Yea BAN that Moto guy he such a jerk!
  5. -NickName: Moto -Age: 28 -How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? 14 Years -Ever had an admin function before? Yes I have even run my own counter-strike servers before. -Why do you think you deserve admin? To help support the community and keep a fair and fun set of game servers, I looked close to the rules and guides for VPP admins and can compile to the rules as well as the methods we use here. It's all pretty much common sense! -When will you be active (the most)? 2PM to 12AM some days will be more random due to work and other events in my life. - How will you
  6. w0ot! Thank you guys! This is gone make my work week fly by now, I can't wait to get my VPP shirt so I can tell people not only is it the gaming community of choice to play at but it's my clan I'm a apart of!
  7. 21 T-shirts Sold!! Only 9 more to go to meet the goal! Let's try to get up to 40 of them!
  8. FIRST TO ORDER! Hope you all buy one I really want this shirt plus it support VPP can't beat that WIN WIN!
  9. One day I was playing there as I use to play there on and off and was random banned for no reason well it was marked as "Other" now I know why. You ask me there out look sounds like there are the ones who fit what they said about us poor peoples!
  10. Alright and thank you for the fast reply.
  11. Dose this effect people who may have applied before this?
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