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  1. Over the past couple of days a few people ive come across and myself are intrigued if theres any plans for a UK contest as one hasnt being stated here on the forums or just not being posted.
  2. yes the alien skin from Aliens V Predator on ct
  3. Yeah thats fine i dont require for you your mic every second just to pass on the information i need etc if your interested leave your ign and ill be looking forward to be playing some mm
  4. Awwe thats a shame however i guess its for the best if its a server killer so i stand by the decsion
  5. My ign: Predz Sorry for not stating it within my actual post
  6. Would i have to pay anything extra apart from shipping if i wanted to purchase this and get it shipped to the UK?
  7. Damm i missed this deal would of being perfect for me lol, anyway thanks for sharing
  8. [color=#000040:2tyhx8lg]Upon writing this i have the urge to get back into MM, if anyones interested in playing with me message me . im an Eagle smurf currently playing on an MG2 account. i have 2 requirements, that you have a mic and that you are DMG +.[/color:2tyhx8lg]
  9. Hi guys i have no idea whats gone on, however i think my forum account has being reset. im not sure this is totaly true however i had to "re Create" this account last night and everything was reset. just wondering if its possible to get it back? like my post count etc. If not , no worries i guess ill start from scratch
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