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ClanVPP - Very Poor People

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This is the new Map Cycle for NYC server (Warning, if any of these maps have very little playtime in the next 7 days they will be removed) People ask for more maps and they hardly get played that's why I remove them.

panj push
panj_night push
market push
sinjar push
heights push
buhriz push
district push
siege push
revolt push
verticality push
tell push
station push
ministry push
peak push
district_night push

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Sorry to bring up an old post, but just reading through this and surely peak shouldn't have a place in the map rotation when others like contact and ministry do not (i think I've played peak twice in over 200 hours).


Personally i do not see why all maps wouldnt be a part of the rotation, thats why we have refresh on the voting screen and why people can call votes for maps. I know this might sound slightly contradicting to my first point but I hope you get the gist.

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