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Discord for VPP Support?

Should VPP have a Discord Server for Public/Support?  

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  1. 1. Should VPP have a Discord Server for Public/Support?

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Hi all,

After a suggestion made by mdnght I would like to know the Community's thoughts of opening a free Discord Server for Support/Public. This would apply for Insurgency and Counter Strike:Global Offensive players.


Discord Features:

  • No account required - just click the link
  • Discord opens in browser or the client (if you have it installed)
  • Voice and Text


Benifits to VPP:

  • Easy contact to Admins to resolve incidents more quickly
  • Open to the Public
  • It does not cost VPP anything to host the server



  • "If it is free to host a server, how does Discord make profit?" Through customization purchases to unlock Emotes and Client sytles, similar with Twitch Emotes/Turbo
  • "DDOS Protection?" This is handled by Discord, they assign us a server slot depending on Region (TX125, NY320, LO111 etc.)
  • "Do I need to downloading anything or create an account?" Nope, Discord can run in browser including voice, no account is required just click/paste our server code into your browser


Let me know what your thoughts are.

Note: This is not under consideration, feature must be approved by our Owner @Welcome to ClanVPP

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