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Rule Update - Spawn Camping

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After a recent game update, our rule on Spawn Camping / Trapping has been updated.


Insurgency now has had a UI update regarding the tactical map that can be opened by holding default key "N". The new map UI includes a clear marking of each Teams spawn area.

The following has been altered/added now that Spawn Area has been made more clear:

  1. Any explosives such as C4 or IED's planted in the marked area on around the outside perimeter is illegal
  2. Camping around the marked Spawn Area or within range, meaning, bullets entering the area, players taking shots in the area is illegal
  • There is no need for players to be anywhere near the marked Spawn Area, Players are to attack/defend the objective area. (2) can be disregarded when the Team is on 0 waves


Example Scenario:

  • Shooting at a Player whilst they are within that area is illegal
  • Camping within 10m of the marked Spawn Area is illegal
  • Sniping players (even if your well away from Spawn Area) that are within their marked Spawn Area is illegal
  • Entering or being in proximity of the marked Spawn Area when that Team is on 0 waves is legal


Tomorrow, I will post map images and mark on the map where we consider is illegal areas to camp for ALL maps we run on our server to make things more clear and will be used as a reference for Players banned for Spawn Camping.



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