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[TF2] Update - 12th February

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The following changes have been applied to our TF2 Trade Servers:



  • Replaced the old trade_plaza with a updated version. This version includes a merge of the well known orange map as well as new areas and secret ones!
  • Added Trade Chat (Use /t) to help manage between general server chat and trade chat. You can toggle to show/hide the trade chat
  • Added !tp which will allow you to teleport to a friendly player
  • Added Spawn Protection to help prevent players from being instantly killed upon exiting spawn. (10 seconds spawn protection)
  • Added a script to prevent the spawn doors and area from being sticky bombed


  • Removed the Noclip effect from RTD (Roll the Dice) use to players exploiting this temporary effect


  • FPS improvements

[Known Issues]

  • All doors take a few seconds to open and do not open instantly however, we have been in touch with the map developers and they will provide us a script to resolve this issue


Thankyou for all your feedback and it seems you all love the new map and we are happy to have this map running on our servers. Please create a new bug report if you are having any issues with the new map or any of the changes made in today's update.


Special Thanks:

Lily Miss Silly - Testing and Feedback

@dankr Map setup assistance, Bug Fixes, Feedback


Many Thanks,


Head Community Manager

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Hotfix - 18th February



  • Fixed an issue where the Spawn Doors would not open instantly
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong RTD effects where rolled according to the text message shown to the player



  • New Trade Plaza map is now back on the server - had to be removed due to bugs
  • Players can now gag+mute a player by using the command !selfmute <playername>
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